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AWS, VPN and Public IP

Once you start to integrate services with Telcos, ISPs or other major Network players who are not “Cloud Aware”, you will need to go the VPN way using IPSec. Their setups have used all the available IP’s defined by RFC 1918 (or just don’t want to use them). They will want to use Public IP’s behind your VPN. The problem is that your EC2 instances are running behind a 1:1 NAT with only a private IP’s attached to them. To add to the complexity, your instances are part of an auto-scaling group, with IP’s all over Luckily the way to solve this problem is actually quite easy, we just need to add some iptables rules and a proxy.

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OpenTTD: Timelapse from game save

This script allows you to create a timelapse video from your OpenTTD game. It will use your previously saved games. No need to remember to take screenshots during the game, ad since you play it safe and save before and after each big civil engineering work (ooops ?), you will have enough frames to create a nice work to put into your Company heritage cabinet. The resulting video is zoomed into a defined location and works with large games (tested on a 512x512 map).

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Dynamically resizing EBS volumes

AWS provides multiples services that adjust sizes to your actual usage. This is not really the case when it comes to EBSEBS. You can see EBS has a hard drive that you can attach to a running EC2 instance. The attached EBS will be accessible like any other driver under /dev/xvdX. The idea here, is to provide a way to increase and decrease the size of the used EBS volumes according to the actual usage of the disk, and even allow you to increase the partition size beyond the 1TB limit.

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Ubuntu, Flash and DRM hell

Yes, there are still peoples serving content through flash, and yes there are still peoples using DRM. I was struggling getting movies with Adobe-Access DRM to work on Ubuntu Raring (13.04), and the cryptic “3323 error” didn’t help much.

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