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Photoswipe plugin for Koken

Yes, I know! Again an article about Koken! This time it is about front-end, something I am really not familiar not at ease with, Thanks Steve for your help and trying to convince me that async is not that evil. The default Lightbox functionality from Koken has always annoyed me. Specially in a mobile world where swiping has become a defacto standard. Enters Photoswipe.

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Network Speed Testing

Everyone is aware of tools like speedtest.net to get a sens of the Internet connectivity speed to certain regions. While it works on mostly every device it allows you to test speed to only one server at a time. And is primarily meant to test the speed of your ISP. I wanted to test connectivity to several part of the world in an one click way, usable on multiple devices. The answer didn’t struck me at once, but it all can be done with some Javascript and mainly with the xhr object.

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