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Photoswipe plugin for Koken

Yes, I know! Again an article about Koken! This time it is about front-end, something I am really not familiar not at ease with, Thanks Steve for your help and trying to convince me that async is not that evil. The default Lightbox functionality from Koken has always annoyed me. Specially in a mobile world where swiping has become a defacto standard. Enters Photoswipe.

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From Gallery to Koken

Back in the 90’s, there was no Ajax or HTML5. There was no Flickr, Picasaweb, or Instagram. The most common way to publish your photos on a website was to create a static html page for each album with all the thumbnails and images associated to it. To solve this problem, one project emerged: Gallery. Since the beginning, the tagline was “Your photos on your website” and it did exactly that.

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