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Koken: Serve assets through CDN

You can highly improve your site display speed by using a CDN. This is also true with Koken. Koken doesn’t provide a “out of the box” way to handle CDN, so I wrote a plugin to allow you to serve your Koken assets through edges closer to your visitors.

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Boost your Koken speed with client-side caching

Koken’s default caching behavior is non-existent. Apart from the Photos who have a 1yr cache policy, all other assets have a Cache-Control: max-age=0. With just a little bit of configuration, you can highly improve the user experience for your visitors.

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WordPress, Total Cache and Cloudflare

Everybody is aware that WordPress is a heavy truck to display some “mostly” static content. Each Plugin or Widget that is added ads some stylesheet calls, javascript calls and database requests. This all together slows up the loading time of your blog. And it gets even worse when the site become popular and has to deal with thousands of requests. Why request for each visitor something from the database when the content only changes once in a while? Why go through all the PHP logic when the final rendered HTML is always the same?

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First steps into Cloudflare

While writing about Cloudfront, I came accross another CDN service called Cloudflare. The free entry price made me suspicious, hosting and transport has a price. Since I had nothing to loose and that this domain was new, I decided to give it a try. So far, didn’t find any dirty trick. What is Cloudflare? CDN is one of the features, but in fact, they do more than just delivery. Content Delivery Network They place themselves in the CDN category.

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Network Speed Testing

Everyone is aware of tools like speedtest.net to get a sens of the Internet connectivity speed to certain regions. While it works on mostly every device it allows you to test speed to only one server at a time. And is primarily meant to test the speed of your ISP. I wanted to test connectivity to several part of the world in an one click way, usable on multiple devices. The answer didn’t struck me at once, but it all can be done with some Javascript and mainly with the xhr object.

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